SeeFour surveys the musical playing field with ‘On God’

According to SeeFour, “GOATs are hard to find,” but with his new tune “On  God,” the Boston rapper is making that search a little bit easier. 

An infectious half-mantra, half-personal mission statement, “On God” reinforces SeeFour’s special, ~mature~ view of the musical playing field. And when he raps “I see nobody that resemble me,” on the track’s chorus, it’s clear from his youthful bravado that he’s not just turning a blind eye to any lookalikes. 

“I see nobody that resembles my aura,” SeeFour tells Vanyaland. “I feel like I’m a ball of life and creativity, so with everything I do, I treat it like how Zeus would treat it — very god-like. So yes, [no one resembles] my style, music, thinking process, and all.”

The song dropped last month, but Boston has two chances to hear SeeFour perform it this week: First at a SoFar Sounds gig on Thursday (February 20), and again on Friday (February 21) at the Dorchester Art Project.