VQnC harmonizes in her happy place for the ‘Golden Days’ video


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Let it be known that today (February 11) was the day that VQnC changed her frequency and officially stepped outside her frontier of retro funk.

Strolling away, momentarily, from her signature bouncy dance tunes, the Somerville artist has shared her new video “Golden Days,” a visual tied to her 2019 debut record Freedom. Filmed in Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum by Alex Miklowski, the vid leans only on pristine rays of sunshine and VQnC’s vocal harmonies, stripping down the layers of Freedom to reveal a core of gilded optimism and patience. 

“I wanted to release this video in the dead of winter, because I believe that now more than ever we need something warm and golden to comfort us and remind ourselves that we can travel to places in our minds that give us peace, and we can create spaces that give us a sense of serenity even in the harshest of times,” VQnC tells Vanyaland

And that’s exactly what “Golden Days” provides: A mantra for harmony swirling with a kaleidoscopic backdrop of greener pastures.

Get some much-needed sun with “Golden Days” below.