Inhaler suggest ‘We Have To Move On’ and that’s pretty good advice

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Alright, let’s get this out of the way right at the jump: Inhaler frontman Elijah Hewson is the son of a guy named Paul Hewson, a music industry veteran better known as U2’s Bono.

We all got that? Ok, cool.

“We Have To Move On.”

That sentiment is not only good advice when digesting the young Irish band’s music, which deserves to be treated and judged on its own merit, but also stands as the title of their spirited new single. From Fontaines D.C. to Girl Band, there’s definitely some cool shit coming out of Dublin these days, and lively quartet Inhaler are the latest to blast us with some post-punk-fueled guitar-rock bliss.

“We Have To Move On” arrives just as the band outlines a spring North American tour, and included in the run is Inhaler’s Boston debut, landing April 29 at ONCE Ballroom in Somerville. Tickets go on sale Friday (January 24) at 10 a.m. local time.

“We’ve been playing this one live for a while and can’t wait for you guys to finally be able to make out the words!” the band states. “Hope you like it, play it loud in your car, play it to your mammy, blare it out your window and play it to your neighbors.”

Once again, that’s good advice.