Dutch ReBelle rings in Haitian Independence Day with a ‘Big Zoe’ remix


When the world was popping bottles yesterday to celebrate the start of 2020, Dutch ReBelle toasted to a different, yet equally momentous cultural milestone: Haitian Independence Day.

Recruiting fellow Haitian emcees Eddy Fish, Hundred Round Kado, Shellz, and Reem Skully for her newest release, ReBelle has shared a remix of her rousing 2019 track “Big Zoe” to revel in her roots and simultaneously offer encouragement for the new year.

“I dropped it on our Independence Day because we have the first successful revolt against slavery where the people fought with whatever they had,” ReBelle tells Vanyaland. “With the government in shaky grounds and last year feeling real heavy for a lot of people, this is my battle cry to get everyone motivated and relentless towards their goals and dreams. [It’s] not a race thing — it’s a culture; ‘We don’t crease or fold — books and blunts stay lit.’ And of course — we can’t do it alone so this is my first track with a handful of artists.”


With each segment tied together by Intl Show’s production, this remix is one holiday affair that keeps on giving. Tune in below.