The Jungle in Somerville developing series of ‘sober curious nights’

Photo Credit: Joshua Pickering

Alcohol culture is firmly embedded in the live music experience, but one Somerville venue is attempting to change that, if only for a few hours of the week.

The Jungle Community Music Club in Union Square, which opened earlier this year, is developing a series of “sober curious nights” that aim to both elevate all-ages shows and provide a forum for non-drinkers to enjoy a live music environment without the usual gravitational pull of a fully stocked bar. The plan is spearheaded by Jungle booking agent and award-winning Boston musician Carissa Johnson, and follows a growing trend of socializing in bars and clubs without alcohol in the equation, as profiled by NPR in June.

“In an attempt to bring younger acts into The Jungle Community Music Club in Somerville, I’m going to start booking ‘sober curious nights” before various evening shows on TBD weekday nights,” Johnson writes on Facebook. “If you play in a band and have members younger than 21 years old and want to play a show in Somerville, hit me up!!”

The offer is also extended to those over 21 who don’t drink, and/or those who want to experience a traditional live music show without alcohol in the equation.

Johnson adds: “And if you’re above the age of 21 and have been toying with the idea of going sober, or might want to try it out for just a night, and drink delicious mocktails, juices, fruity soda water, and get high off the music alone, keep your eyes open for the Fuel Heart Productions upcoming sober curious events!”

Johnson says those interested in performing at these events should email her at carissajohnsonmusic@gmail.com.