Look, you probably need these free papier-mâché costume heads


Look, we’re not out here pretending like we’re ever gonna tell you how to live your life, but allow us some liberty here and let us suggest you probably need these papier-mâché costume heads.

They were posted to craigslist last week, tipped off to us by Keith Pierce of Party Bois, and it looks like they’re still available. They’re free, they’re somewhere in the Plymouth area just south of Boston, and the lot features Barney the dinosaur, Garfield, Sesame Street‘s Ernie, and others.

“These are paper mache costume heads,” says Jeff, the giver-awayer. “They are hand made and each are a one of a kind item. Perfect for any party.”


Not since that Steven Tyler mannequin posted last winter have we gotten so worked up over a free craigslist item. We can’t really attest to their current quality or how they’ve been used in the past, but something tells us someone out there in Vanyaland readership-land might want to add these to their collection. Have a look below, and hit the link here.