Brian Glowacki just wants you to let loose with ‘The Rowdy Show’

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With an appreciation for unfiltered comedy, the Nantucket-based stand-up aims to bring nothing but killer comics to Worcester

Brian Glowacki isn’t trying to make any sort of enemies — he just wants to get a little rowdy.

Bringing the idea of The Rowdy Show to Worcester’s WooHaha! Comedy Club in hopes of carrying on the legacy of the “clubhouse” vibe, and the in-your-face type of comedy that made the Rhode Island Comedy Connection’s Hardcore Show such a hot spot for years, Glowacki has helped to make the Franklin Street club a Friday night staple since it opened its doors in Wormtown earlier this year.

While he didn’t design the show to be incendiary in nature, Glowacki wanted to build something that was a bit looser than your normal stand-up show, that allows comics to feel a bit more free to create and see what sort of off-the-wall material might stick, while delivering unapologetic comedy the way it was intended. Making it a point to be clear about the no-holds-barred nature of the show, the Nantucket native also feels that being upfront with the premise of the show has helped to garner more support from comedy fans since it began.

“For as many people that are looking for something to outrage them, there’s also a section of the population that just wants to laugh, and just wants to let it loose and be free,” Glowacki tells Vanyaland. “As much as there are restrictions, there are also people out there looking for no-holds-barred comedy, where people can say what they’re going to say without having to apologize for it. That’s what sells this show.” 


While Glowacki is well aware of the appeal of his brainchild, he’s also quick to acknowledge the comedic genius that keeps the people coming, week after week. With regulars like Danny Kelly, Tom Dwyer, and Jesse Burlingame, Glowacki not only knows that you’ll be in good hands, but as he is adamant about booking nothing but killers and hard-grinding newcomers, you’ll also never see a show that was a complete dud, when it comes to whoever takes the stage.

“You’re never going to come to one of these shows and think that the whole lineup was all bums,” says Glowacki. “Whether it’s a national headliner stopping by, a local headliner that’s about to pop, or an up-and-comer who is scratching and clawing their way to get better, it’s all killers and no fillers.”

Sure, he’s brought the weekly showcase to new heights over the course of its first 11 months, and in turn has brought more business to the Grid District, but Glowacki isn’t taking all the credit for the consistent revitalization of the comedy scene coming out of Worcester. Carrying the torch set aflame by WOOtenanny Comedy Festival producer Shaun Connolly, Glowacki just wants to bring that warm comedy glow to a top-notch club setting, while giving comedy fans the ability to experience the artform in all of its unfiltered glory.

“Shaun had already built up the scene in Worcester, and I just wanted to do what they were doing, as far as the camaraderie, and the fun, anything-goes sort of thing that they had built, and take that to the club,” says Glowacki. “I’ve just loved trying to take that warm and welcoming say-what-you-want, this-is-an-artform approach and add that professional club element to it.”

‘THE ROWDY SHOW’ :: Friday, November 22 at WooHaha Comedy Club, 50 Franklin St. in Worcester, MA :: 10 p.m., $10 :: WooHaha Event Page