HAIM battle depression and find strength and support on ‘Now I’m In It’


Now that summer is dead and gone, firmly planted in the rear-view, HAIM have moved on from their “Summer Girl” vibe to tackle a more serious issue as the seasons grow darker and colder: Depression. The Los Angeles sister band’s new alt-pop song is called “Now I’m In It,” it arrives this week complete with a Paul Thomas Anderson video, and Danielle Haim breaks it all down for us on Instagram.

“‘Now I’m In It’ is about going through it. A depression,” she posts. “Not leaving the house type of shit. For my sisters and I, there have been times in our lives where we have felt like we are stuck in a dark hole. This track speaks to that emotion.”

She adds: “The track is chaotic — like my mind when i’m spiraling. Fast-talking to myself — words jumbled up. Heartbeat racing. These times are hard to forget and even harder to work through. After being constantly on the go the past couple years, I didn’t wanna stop and deal with some shit. Also, every day my sisters and I feel so fucking lucky that we get to do this for a living!!! It seemed like stopping and dealing with these emotions would be letting everyone down. But every time I’ve been depressed — it takes me accepting that I need help, to start to get out of it.”

Word to that.