Sheer Mag give politics the proto-metal treatment with ‘The Killer’

Photo Credit: Marie Lin

It takes a special kind of band to give the gristle of politics some supple sheen, but Sheer Mag can do you one better; the Philadelphia guitar-rock outfit can somehow machete through the overarching evils of the world via simple bluntness.

Enter Sheer Mag’s newest single “The Killer,” which glistens with glam, even when singer Tina Halladay wades in the sicking deep end of human morality. The song will be included on the band’s sophomore album A Distant Call, which isn’t so distant at all — it’s only one day away, dropping tomorrow (August 23) via Wilsuns RC.

“The cold war never ends / It all starts over again / He’s got you right between the eyes / Waving the flag for human rights,” Halladay professes over her bandmates’ proto-metal power chords. The song is as much of a history lesson as it as a call to action against the political perils of 2019.

“There are many killers out there,” Halladay explains. “The Killer is a liar with a strangle hold on the world. The Killer is a war criminal the corrupt of society have produced and protected. The Killer spends his life covering up atrocities and defending right-wing dictatorships. The Killer stifles accountability and truth. We want to know, when does The Killer die?”

Tune in to “The Killer” ahead of A Distant Call below, and catch Sheer Mag at Club Congress in Tucson on September 24, and at The Sinclair in Cambridge on October 11.