Your ‘Next Mistake’ is missing out on this retro-electro jam from Icona Pop

Photo Credit: Yoye Lapogian

We’ll be frank: When you collab with Charli XCX on a pop song that’s iconic as “I Love It,” the feat is pretty hard to outdo, but Icona Pop are still out here trying anyways. The Swedish pair share their new track “Next Mistake” today (July 26), a back-to-basics retro-electro jam about romantic missteps. “‘Next Mistake’ is about all those bad choices you made that was worth it, about all those mistakes in your life that make you human,” the duo share. “How this loop keeps going on and on and you are perfectly fine with it.” Icona Pop may stick to the same ol’ song and dance (music), but they do it well. Press play below.