Noel Pancho shows his storytelling is ‘cut from the finest cloth’ with ‘Casa’

Via Facebook

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On Monday (July 14), Noel Pancho found his official musical “Homecoming” in the shape of a new album, an eight track opus appropriately titled Casa. Born in Dorchester as a first generation Dominican American and formerly known as Fran-P, Pancho approached Casa with his knack for sharing narratives, from his days as a “young Latino with attitude,” to his modern manifesto of sorting out his experiences via music.

Casa is all about coming back home to what you love,” Pancho shares on Facebook. “For me it’s telling stories.”

And those stories run deep.

“I don’t write to entertain / I don’t write for your applause / Catalogue my life to come to terms with my flaws,” he explains on “Speak My Piece,” a leisurely hip-hop collab with Rasheed Chappell. Later on the tape, he extends his mantra outward with “Good Night,” proclaiming “We hold these truths to be self-evident / That every one story is worth telling / That every narrative has value in the big book called life.”

Trust that Pancho knows, and trust that he’s home now, too.

Tune in below.