Paul Rudd will suit up for the new ‘Ghostbusters’

Still from 'This is 40' by Universal via Moviestillsdb.

Well, get the Sex Panther cologne and your incredible shrinking-suit ready, because Paul Rudd himself is joining the Ghostbusters. This is for, of course, the Jason Reitman-directed Ghostbusters 2020, which we’ve already reported about and despaired about, but at least our boy Jason found himself another good lead to star alongside Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard, Annabelle Comes Home‘s Mckenna Grace, and general all-around cool person Carrie Coon. Also, the OG Ghostbusters might come back for this as well, but who knows.

Variety got the exclusive earlier on Thursday morning, but the official Ghostbusters Youtube page posted this soon after:

So, this is exciting! Right? Right? If we have to have another one of these movies, we could do much, much worse than having the world’s biggest Mac and Me fan leading the cast.

Anyways, Ghostbusters 2020 hits theaters on July 10, 2020. We can wait until then!