Studio 52 Featured Band of the Week: Doom Lover

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Studio 52 Spotlight: Doom Lover

What Studio 52 Says: Dark yet dance-y, strange yet poppy, Doom Lover live on a planet of their own with an undeniable gravitational pull towards alternative indie rock. At times they sound like a rock outfit honing in on a straight forward indie sound, but when the string section takes the spotlight, things can head in either an orchestral or folky direction.

Every aspect of their music is executed in beautifully rare form; their varied layers of instrumentation are often paired with duet style vocals all together giving Doom Lover a consistently fresh and unique flavor. Surfacing in 2013, they have released a handful of singles and an EP before putting out their debut full-length, Outside Voices, in December of last year, and the 10-song record bounces back and forth between genres in the most dramatic and cohesive way possible. It seems like there’s nothing the six-piece can’t do, from up beat moments that make you want to move to slow and emotional tearjerkers, they have a way of keeping the listener guessing.

Doom Lover brings their motley blend of sounds to Somerville’s newest venue The Jungle tonight (June 14), with Party Bois and GHOST GRL.

— Trevor McSweeney, Studio 52

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Attend: Doom Lover play The Jungle in Somerville tonight (June 14)

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