Noé leans in on R&B-pop chill on new single ‘Rabbit Hole’

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It’s been a hot minute since we caught up with Noé, the French-born, Boston-educated, Los Angeles based electronic-pop singer who lit up this digital magazine back around 2016. But judging by her new single “Rabbit Hole,” she’s been busy refining and evolving her sounds on the other coast. Here, Noé leans in on R&B-pop for a springtime bop that’s exactly what we need to get out of this cloudy-ass overcast funk here in New England.

“‘Rabbit Hole’ is a Frankenstein of a song,” Noé says. “The final vocals are actually original takes of me free-styling melodies and lyrics into a mic at the studio. I loved how raw and imperfect they sounded so we decided to keep them as is.”

This new joint and all its wonderful aura is said to be the final single off Noé’s forthcoming debut EP ibynoé, which hits May 21. It’s been a long time coming for this musician, and we are here for the rise.