Hong Kong in Harvard Square set to open a new live music space

The 100-person Cambridge venue will host 21-plus shows for all genres beginning next month

Michael Marotta for Vanyaland

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A new music venue is setting up above Hong Kong restaurant in Harvard Square.

As the Massachusetts Avenue eatery approaches 60 years of business and countless scorpion bowls served, their newest venture is organizing a live music space on the third floor, set to open next month.

Simply named Hong Kong as an extension of the restaurant’s business, the 100-person room had previously hosted comedy, but will start a new run hosting bands and artists come March 21. Strictly a 21-plus venue, the space does have a bar, and has an 11 p.m. curfew on Friday and Saturday nights, where a DJ will take over until last call.

Venue booker Daniel Carswell, who also works at nearby Harvard Square venue Charlie’s Kitchen, says that the new space has been in the works since the start of the new year, and is open to all music across the genre spectrum.

“I for sure check out every email/show offer that comes through,” Carswell tells Vanyaland. “If we’re able to make a date work I’m open to every genre. So far a lot of punk, metal and indie stuff has come across, but that’s not to say it’ll always be that way.”

Carswell also notes that Hong Kong is a good spot to play for not only Boston-based acts, but also touring bands who are looking for a Massachusetts gig to add to their roster outside the usual venues around Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville.

“A good chunk (if not half) of the dates I have held are to accommodate touring bands,” he adds. “One of the best parts about Boston is being seen as a desired market for out of town bands to want to play. [I] always will work my best for the traveling act.”

Putting the geographic mix into motion, the first show will feature sets from The Berries (of Seattle) with Boston-area bands The Dazies and Love Strangers.

While the venue’s Facebook page has not yet shared any current photos of the third floor, Carswell describes the room as having a “super modest stage area” and a “sense of DIY setup,” although he is unsure if it will remain that way in the future.

We’ll share more details as we receive them, but in the meantime, the current list of gigs already booked at Hong Kong for the spring is available here. Those with questions and booking inquiries can reach out to daniel@refuserethinkrebuild.com or hongkongharvardbooking@gmail.com.