NINA admits ‘I Can Do Better’ but she’s already sounding pretty good

New Sounds: The Chicago-born, Australia-raised, and now Boston-based singer-songwriter takes a soulful approach to empowerment

Credit: Johnny Haiki

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It’s helpful to go through life thinking you can always do better. NINA, a Chicago-born, Australia-raised, and now Boston-based 21-year-old singer-songwriter, takes this mantra and applies a soulful R&B approach to empowerment with her new single, today’s “I Can Do Better”. The slick production helps the track glide over a voice that’s new for now but sure to be quite familiar in short time.

“This song is really honest yet was so freeing for myself,” NINA tells Vanyaland. “I am one to always execute confidence, yet before writing ‘I Can Do Better’, I had been in a dark place about myself, career and past relationship. I wanted to have fun, eat some fries and write a song about how I truly felt. Since being on my own, I’ve truly discovered that I can do better.”

Despite her young age, NINA has quite the resume back in Australia, performing live at the arena-filled Schools Spectacular variety show and the Netball World Cup Opening Ceremony, as well as appearing on The Voice — Australia. That’s judge Ricky Martin called her “a natural performer and pop star.” Now it’s Boston’s turn to see what all the fuss is about, and “I Can Do Better” is a nice way to get acquainted.