Gracie Curran uproots her Massachusetts life in ‘Come Undone’

The singer's new video preps us for her forthcoming sophomore album of the same name, due out in March


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Gracie Curran’s move from Massachusetts to Tennessee started out like most musicians’ tales of uprooting their lives: She had little more than a van, a mattress, a handful of clothes, and a head full of uncertainty in her possession as she left her Boston life in the dust.

But she’s not focusing on any of that anxiety in her new video for “Come Undone,” which aptly documents the major transitional period in her life. Instead, she’s honing in on the scenic, sunny outcome.

“I wrote ‘Come Undone’ when I was going through a really tough time — I had a long term relationship that was ending, that I really tried to hold on to, and lost everything, myself included, in the process,” Curran tells Vanyaland. “I had ‘Come Undone’ — and I needed to start over.”

The video, released today (January 18), leans into the clear headspace Curran’s basking in now, zooming in on her Memphis sanctuary where she was able to pick up the pieces of her life and put them in a pattern that made more sense in the South.
“When I first moved to Memphis, I would watch the sunset every afternoon (they have epic sunsets here); it gave me a lot of peace and allowed me to clear my head,” Curran adds. “There are these amazing rooftops and I’d find myself there a lot of those afternoons. It seemed fitting for the video for ‘Come Undone’ because it’s where I put myself back together.”

After a proper few years to collect her peace of mind and re-establish her footing, Curran will release her sophomore album, also titled Come Undone, in March, and will return to New England to perform in February.

“[The new record] all tells the story and has a little bit of influence from everywhere we’ve been in the past five years. It’s honest — devastating at times and wildly fun at others — so just like life,” she notes. “I moved to Memphis with a mattress and a suitcase of clothes in the back of my van- and it worked out. And I’m so happy now. But I had to go through all of it to get here.”