‘John Wick’ is ready to come inside in this ‘Chapter 3’ poster

He's done his business already and it's wet and cold out there so hurry up

John Wick

With the release of Glass later this week, we’ve got a rare situation on our hands — the January blockbuster event — and the studios are reacting as you might expect by preparing a shitload of trailers of their upcoming nerd-friendly slates. And as such, we’re bound to see our first look at John Wick: Chapter 3 this week, and Lionsgate is starting to build up anticipation by dropping a few key things. First, here’s the film’s teaser poster, which features a cold and wet Keanu Reeves who really wants to come inside:

John Wick

It’s a cool poster, that’s for sure. It riffs nicely on the design scheme for Chapter 2 while still being its own thing, and we can already hear your dad reading all the reversed text out loud as he makes his way down the theater hallway to see Aquaman for the third time. But wait, there’s more: apparently, via the official John Wick Twitter feed, you can get a “head start” of some kind if you text the words ‘John Wick’ to a random number. Don’t believe us? Check for it yourself:


So, yeah, if you’re comfortable with Lionsgate (and their media partners) having your cellphone number for all eternity, feel free to text that number above and maybe you’ll get the new trailer a full hour in advance! Or maybe it’s an hour head-start on the ticket presale. Less likely (but more fun) is that the studio will send a series of colorful assassins after you, and you’ll have to fight for your life in increasingly expensive action sequence after increasingly expensive action sequence. But, hey, it’s your life, so you do what you want.


Anyways, John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum (yes, that is the full and unwieldy title of the movie) hits theaters on May 17. Stay tuned for that trailer.

Featured image by Niko Tavernise via Lionsgate. H/T to Birth.Movies.Death.