Taylor Schilling’s got a creepy kid in ‘The Prodigy’ trailer

We were just as disappointed as you were to find out that this wasn't about the band

The Prodigy
Credit: Orion Pictures

Boy, bad things really follow Jackson Robert Scott, don’t they? Two years ago, the young actor got his arm ripped off by Pennywise in the It remake (he just wanted his goddamn paper sailboat back!), and now he’s playing Taylor Schilling’s sociopathic little kid in The Prodigy, for which Orion Pictures dropped a second trailer for on Thursday (January 3).

We’re guessing that this’ll be attached to Escape Room when it hits theaters, and it’s not a terrible little preview. Nothing says creepy like a dour-faced child in front of a work bench, and you better bet this trailer gives you a ton of that.

Peep it:


Look, evil kid movies will never get old — from Who Can Kill a Child? to Village of the Damned to James Gunn’s upcoming BrightBurn, we’re all about watching the youth of America cause some serious chaos — and we’ll dutifully show up and watch The Prodigy and hope it’s better than the last few seasons of Orange is the New Black, but this is definitely a winter horror movie, and those have the same success rate as an onside kick in the NFL.

Here’s a synopsis:


“In her much-anticipated foray into the horror-thriller genre, Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Taylor Schilling stars in ‘The Prodigy’ as Sarah, a mother whose young son Miles’ disturbing behavior signals that an evil, possibly supernatural force has overtaken him. Fearing for her family’s safety, Sarah must choose between her maternal instinct to love and protect Miles and a desperate need to investigate what — or who — is causing his dark turn. She is forced to look for answers in the past, taking the audience on a wild ride; one where the line between perception and reality becomes frighteningly blurry.”

The Prodigy hits theaters on February 8.

Featured image by Orion Pictures.