'Escape Room' Trailer: Yes, this is a real movie

Escape Room

Like most thinking and feeling people, we were out at a Thursday night screening of David Gordon Green’s Halloween last night, and during the trailers, an odd-looking film appeared. We hadn’t seen this trailer, nor had we heard about it through any sort of grapevine, and the initial images of people holding small black boxes led us to think that it was a Hellraiser reboot or something of the sort. But we were wrong. Very, very wrong. This is a preview for Escape Room, and we were in for a two-minute journey into the depths of one’s soul — a journey that you can now participate in at home, given that Sony Pictures put the trailer online on Friday morning.
This must be seen to be believed:

So, it’s not all bad, we guess, and as far as trend co-opting horror movies go, you could do a lot worse than basing a film after a real-life attraction made for thrill-seekers. At the exact same time, this looks like dumb Cube, which is kinda bullshit (and Cube is a pretty damn solid little movie!). Also, can you imagine what the rent on a building of that size would be, and how crazy construction would have been on that escape room? Like, did teamsters put in those giant heaters? Did the city approve all of this construction? Are we slowly being driven mad by this silly movie? Perhaps! But we’re masochists, so you can expect us there on day one, bay-bee. God have mercy on us.
Here’s a synopsis:
“‘Escape Room’ is a psychological thriller about six strangers who find themselves in circumstances beyond their control and must use their wits to find the clues or die.”
Escape Room hits theaters on January 4. That’s always a good sign!
Featured image via Sony.