‘BrightBurn’ Trailer: James Gunn asks ‘What if Superman, but bad?’

The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' director fuses his two passions: superheroes and horror movies


So, it’s been a few months since James Gunn was unceremoniously fired from Guardians of the Galaxy 3 by an image-conscious Disney afraid of a few off-color tweets the dude made back in the day and, more importantly, the right-wing mob that uncovered them. Luckily, it looks like the dude has landed on his feet — in perhaps the best “fuck you” in superhero movie history, he’ll be retooling Suicide Squad for Warner Bros. in the coming years — though his latest project as producer may piss off his new bosses. You see, BrightBurn, a superhero horror movie that’s been in the works for some time now, is a bit of a parody of their Big Blue Boy Scout, specifically of his last solo film, the Zach Snyder-directed Man of Steel. Seriously. The Elizabeth Banks-led movie had its first trailer drop over the past weekend, and it looks pretty promising.

Take a look at the trailer:


Damn, they really got Snyder there, even throwing some “visionary director” shade his way. We can only hope that this is attached to each and every print of Aquaman, just so the DCEU fans shit themselves with anger and have to sit through the entire movie surrounded by their own stank. We’re just kidding, DC stans, and remember that we positively reviewed Justice League when it hit theaters last October before you start hurling rhetorical bombs at us. Anyways, this movie looks pretty dope, and that’s really all there is to say about it.

Here’s a synopsis:

“What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister? With Brightburn, the visionary filmmaker of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘Slither’ presents a startling, subversive take on a radical new genre: superhero horror.”


Brightburn hits theaters on May 24.

Featured image via Sony Pictures.