Katy Perry opens Holiday Music Season with ‘Cozy Little Christmas’


Unless you’re listening to Blowfly Does XXX-Mas or that one King Diamond song on infinite repeat, there’s really not a lot of Christmas music to get excited about. This year is expected to be rather ho-ho-ho-hum as well, despite well-intentioned efforts from Jessie J, William Shatner, Gwen Stefani, and the Walmart Yodeler. Maybe, just maybe, Katy Perry will save the holiday jingle season, because she has emerged a full week before Thanksgiving with her new single, “Cozy Little Christmas.” You can probably figure out what it’s about given the title alone, but there’s also a few lines about her being fit to replace Santa Claus because she has whisky (or something). The track is only available on Amazon Music at the moment, which is a good and bad thing: Good in that the preview snippet might be enough to hold you over until, you know, actual December (when it will be everywhere, most likely) but bad in that we really need something new to listen to on Black Friday when we hit the Boston Christmas Trees lot in Allston next to O’Brien’s Pub. Featured image up top by Matthew Shelter for Vanyaland, from her September 2017 show at TD Garden.