Summer Walker’s motivation pays off on ‘Last Day Of Summer’


With 2018 winding down, we as consumers have been spoiled with nothing but great projects. The latest comes from lowkey, raw, and uncut R&B singer Summer Walker, who plays Boston’s House of Blues this Friday (November 9) as part of 6lack’s From East Atlanta With Love Tour.

With the release of her most recent effort Last Day Of Summer, which can be streamed below, Walker is ready and set for the next chapter of her life. Having been signed by LVRN Records accompanied by Interscope Records is enough proof that Walker’s resilience and motivation is paying off. Most who are just tuning into Walker should have came up with the same conclusion — that she isn’t anything less than dope. Last Day Of Summer is a 12-song effort packed with nothing but female truth that for most would seem too provocative.

Carrying herself with such confidence and a unique sound, Walker isn’t afraid to use her sex appeal to her advantage. It’s safe to say that this is the year for R&B artists to thrive, and in the overflow of major names everyone is used too, artists like Walker often get overlooked. But talent speaks for itself, and that’s what’s on display here; the game has been missing someone like Walker someone who can stop you in your tracks off the sound of her voice.


While currently on the From East Atlanta With Love Tour, Walker has been making her presence known while setting the bar high with her artistry. Selling out venues and creating genuine relationships aren’t enough; she wants it all while the main prize is up for grabs. With the next stop being Boston this Friday, she’ll be a must-watch for those rolling up.