The Lemonheads get back under the covers with ‘Varshons 2’

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Way back in early 2009, The Lemonheads released a full album of covers titled Varshons. Now it appears Even Dando and Co. are celebrating its 10th anniversary with a follow-up record, appropriately called Varshons 2.


This new covers album is set to hit February 8 on Fire Records, and includes 13 tracks, including songs originally by The Eagles, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Yo La Tengo, Paul Westerberg, and more.

Varshons 2… repeats the formula with Evan way out upfront, his emotive slow maturing vocal making sense of another wide-beam playlist,” reads the album’s press notes. “He really has become one of the great expressive singers… Like Hank Williams slumped in his car between gigs, strumming and hollering, reasoning and weeping, humming it on over, Evan makes the tunes his own. He heralds the heroes, from Nick Cave and The Bevis Frond through to Yo La Tengo, Lucinda Williams and Paul Westerberg.

These are stories to spin, tales to recount, none more so than John Prine’s endless highway on ‘Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness’ and The Jayhawks maudlin beauty ‘Settled Down Like Rain’.”


Well, we’re excited. Check out the full track listing below, as well as the album artwork…

The Lemonheads Varshons 2 track listing:
1. “Can’t Forget” (Yo La Tengo)
2. “Settled Down Like Rain” (Jayhawks)
3. “Old Man Blank” (The Bevis Frond)
4. “Things” (Paul Westerberg)
5. “Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness” (John Prine)
6. “Abandoned” (Lucinda Williams)
7. “Now And Then” (Natural Child)
8. “Magnet” (NRBQ)
9. “Round Here” (Florida Georgia Line)
10. “TAQN” (The Eyes)
11. “Unfamiliar” (The GiveGoods)
12. “Straight To You” (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)
13. “Take It Easy” (The Eagles)