RKID A: Liam Gallagher is no fan of Radiohead, apparently

Liam Gallagher has had an impressive past 24 hours on Twitter.

After dishing off praise for the new Richard Ashcroft album (“Surprised by the joy as you were LG x”) and issuing mindblown.gif tidbits like “Darkness is nothing but a lack of light as you were LG x”, the former Oasis frontman had a go at Radiohead.

Turns out he found himself in some “crazy house” and everyone there was talking about the ‘Head. As the music played (what appears to be “Creep”, “Planet Telex”, “The Bends”, and “Karma Police”), Gallagher detailed his listening experience, at one point wondering “How the fuck did these teds get big”? He also took issue with “the rapping in the middle of the bends”, which we’re not sure we ever noticed.

Gallagher has commented on Radiohead before, but this tweet-storm is funnier imagining that he’s only hearing the band for the first time. Read through his commentary below.

Featured image by Ben Stas for Vanyaland, from Gallagher’s May show at Boston’s Blue Hills Bank Pavilion.