Juliana Hatfield details new album ‘Weird’, coming January 2019


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For most musicians and record labels, OK’ing two records from the same artist with less than 12 months in between them might seem weird. In the case of Juliana Hatfield, life is weird anyways, so screw it.

Following her 2018 record Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John and 2017’s original album Pussycat, the Boston rock veteran will release her newest opus Weird in early 2019. The album will feature 11 new tracks and officially drops on January 19 via American Laundromat Records, and the label-exclusive 7-inch record features two more new tunes. Hatfield shared her first new original track, aptly named “It’s So Weird,” yesterday (October 16).

“I often feel cut-off from other people, from my feelings, from technology, from popular culture. I feel weird, I feel like I’m dreaming my life and that I am going to wake up some day,” Hatfield tells Stereogum. “I wanted to make an album about the contentment of being inside an apartment and living inside a very small radius.” 

As a bonus, according to her label’s website, both Freda Love Smith (Blake Babies, Sunshine Boys) and Todd Philips (Lemonheads, The Juliana Hatfield Three) played drums on many of the album’s tracks.

Check out the new single below, and catch up on our chat with Hatfield from earlier this year here. Featured image by Jack Hutchings, from Hatfield’s summer appearance at Wicked Good.