Meg Myers is CrazySexyCarrie in her video for ‘Jealous Sea’


After sharing her angst-driven 2018 SOTY contender “Numb” earlier this year, Meg Myers has released the exact opposite of that track with “Jealous Sea.”

Kind of.

“In a way it’s not the opposite of ‘Numb’ but kind of is because it’s the many sides of Meg,” she tells Refinery29. “It just felt like I could get really weird with it and show another side, the crazy side. I wrote this song originally a few years ago. I had a fiancé at the time. He was on tour. We were both struggling with jealousy, so it was kind of about both of us. Because I was either on the road or he was on the road and we were both really jealous. I definitely needed to release it.”


The new video for the Take Me To The Disco tune harnesses the loneliness that comes with solo nightlife and faraway lovers, spiffed up with some liquor-induced animosity, all courtesy of director Clara Aranovich.

“Anyone who’s seen Meg perform live can attest that she has incredible presence; it’s as if she becomes someone or something else all together, as if she’s channeling odd forces,” Aranovich says. “For ‘Jealous Sea,’ I was compelled to make something that showcases this side of Meg, this power she has, a power I feel all women secretly hold.”

The video offers undertones that are equal parts creepy and Carrie, but for anyone who’s ever found themselves lost in the endless depths of envy, it’s 100 percent accurate. Peep it below.