Lines throw down an electro-pop anthem for their 'People'


Lines have a new song dedicated to their “People”, and it’s a white-hot industrial synth-pop lightning bolt of a jam. Falling somewhere between the underground thrust of The Knife and the electro thump of Alina Devecerski, the sound displayed here has poised the Swedish trio for many a late-night dance party playlists. “‘People’ is our anthem,” Lines say. “It’s a song about who we are and a celebration of the people around us, our friends. It’s an invitation to a future of love, tolerance and inclusion.” And they are not lying: Lines’ sonic maneuvering took hold after Erik, Fred, and Nisse vacated their homeland for a fling in Berlin’s nightlife scene, and they came away changed musicians. Pair up the mechanical rhythms of German sonic engineering with Stockholm’s penchant for the hook, and you have once decisive cocktail. “It still feels like we’re on mission from god to save pop music,” Lines add, and we have fallen in for the cause. Featured image by Petrovsky.