Nyxen ‘Chains’ us to her woozy electronic soundscapes

When Australian producer Nyxen goes about weaving her woozy electronica, she likes making mini-soundtracks, and her new track “Chains” is no exception. Dissect the slinky track from the vaporwave-tinged vixen, and you’ll uncover her self-professed influences: The Cure, Pixies, Vitalic, Icarus, Switch, Soulwax, Electric Youth.

But at the tune’s core, the real influence here is a little eight-part horror series called Saw.

“The first elements of the track I had down were the first vocal lines and the main synth stabs that cut through in the beginning,” Nyxen tells Vanyaland. “After I had those I was stuck on what the story behind it was, I kind’ve got hooked on this idea of some Saw 1 scenario, like this Jigsaw-type character that finds people in secondhand stores, haha. It sounds super funny when I say it now, but I like to make little ideas and scenarios that you can create soundtracks for. Once I had that idea it was a lot easier for me to come up with how it would sound.”

The track, which Nyxen says she started working on in April, sets a high standard for her forthcoming EP, due out at the end of this year. And, despite being released in August, we nominate “Chains” as a clever addition to your non-“Thriller” Halloween playlist. Press play at your next pre-October 31 romp below.

Featured photo courtesy of Get In! PR.