Emily King delivers something to believe in on ‘Remind Me’

“Remind Me,” the new single from New York’s Emily King, is as slyly majestic as it is magnetic. Restrained in parts that suddenly don’t feel restrained at all, the track strides along with confident ambition that never wanders beyond it’s low-key chill. King’s vocals pull the listener along for the ride; the type of voice that can talk you into anything. King makes her pitch as the modern-R&B rhythm bops along, and it’s hard to not just buy into what she’s selling. This is a voice you believe in, a voice you see bits of yourself in, a voice that exudes experience and know-how. “There was a moment where I became lost in my own little world,” King says of the single. “I felt everyday was the same. I could see myself doing the same things and thinking the same thoughts. I was confused and afraid to try. Then one day something made me change. I left where I was. And all these feelings returned. I felt an excitement in my bones. A joy in my heart. I was reminded.” She’s reminding us as well. “Remind Me” will be featured on King’s forthcoming new album, set for early 2019 release via ATO Records. We’re intrigued, and already hungry for more.