The Safes honor Juliana Hatfield with a certain sight for hearts


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Back in April, Juliana Hatfield honored Olivia Newton-John with a full album of covers titled, appropriately enough, Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John. This month, Chicago atomic-pop band The Safes are honoring Hatfield, releasing a two-song 7-inch titled, appropriately enough, A Tribute To Juliana Hatfield.

Sometimes, like now, we like how the world evolves.

The songs The Safes chose are 1995’s Only Everything standout and fan favorite “Universal Heart-Beat”, and 1992’s “I See You”, from Hatfield’s Hey Babe record. Both songs were tracked in Chicago with Steve Albini, and feature an enhanced lineup featuring Ted Ansani and Mike Zelenko of Material Issue, who hustle as the session’s rhythm section.

American Laundromat, the label behind Hatfield’s recent albums and re-issues, release the vinyl on October 12, and — get this! — it’s available to hear only via the physical product. You can pre-order yours here.

“I’m so tickled by The Safes’ joyful, lovable versions of my two songs!” Hatfield says via the label. “I think they really captured the essence of what the songs were and still are trying to say which is that there is always hope to be had.”

The vinyl release comes with inspired artwork designed by Daykamp Creative’s Nicole Anguish (see below), and the record is limited to just 500 copies. While we can’t hear the cover versions on the internet (at least just yet), listen to The Safes’ 2017 album Tasty Waves as you think of what you already know and love about both of Hatfield’s songs, and feel free to let your imagination run wild.