Oh shit, go listen to Viva Viva’s first new song in six years


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People like to say that nothing cool ever happens on a Monday, but yesterday (October 1) proved to be an exceptionable exception. That’s because we were suddenly gifted a brand spankin’ new track from yesterday’s Boston music scene darlins’ Viva Viva.

Called “Running Out Of Time,” this raspy guitar-rock bopper will transport you back to the jangly glory days of 2010. It serves as the first bit of new music (we thiiiink) from Chris Warren’s band since the 2012 EP What’s The Kim Deal?, and it sounds ripped right out of the sessions that birthed their still unfuckwithable self-titled LP from eight long years ago.

“Hey everybody,” Warren writes last night. “Here’s a song from the highly unanticipated, long un-awaited, sophomore release from yours truly.”

We have no idea who, other than Warren, is in this current formation of Viva Viva, since it’s just him in the photo that accompanies the Bandcamp release. But we’ll (maybe) get to the bottom of all that once we a) stop reminiscing about the sounds of a decade ago and b) listening to this fresh jammer over and over again.