illuminati hotties initiate their ‘tenderpunk’ insanity in Allston

Photo Credit: Kristy Benjamin

Fact: Come the 21st century, we have run a touch short on band names, as evidenced by the number of bands using “vv” for w’s (no shade, Alvvays and Hovvdy, no shade). The result is bands with names like illuminati hotties, which not only intrigue you instantly but also hint at their obvious musical enchantment. Still riding the blithe wave of their 2018 debut Kiss Yr Frenemies, the L.A. “tenderpunk” project by Sarah Tudzin crams jangle-laden melodies between youthful quips regarding digs that reek of Parliaments and men penning shitty songs with your guitar. The spunky lil faction roll up to O’Brien’s tomorrow night (October 3) with Boston’s own oldsoul (also an all-lowercase group). Get ready for the initiation with all 11 bops below — call ’em the new cult classic. Featured photo by Kristy Benjamin.