Confetti strike up a casual conversation directed above on 'Dear God'


More than three decades ago, XTC released a song called “Dear God”, and people got all worked up about it. Fast forward to 2018, and Los Angeles alt-rock pop duo Confetti have taken the title for their own creative queries, and with all the craziness going on in the world right now, the questions posed in their original track are perhaps more important than ever. “‘Dear God’ is just a casual conversation with ‘god,” Confetti say. “We wanted to address our worldly concerns and the internal battles we face when seeking spiritual guidance, especially as of late. We also wanted to touch on relationships with friends, family and loved ones where the phrase ‘dear god’ applies. We hope it relates to all humans, animals, plants or aliens, regardless of race and religion.” Confetti tackle dark subject matter with a glossy pop shine and a callback to ’90s and early-’00s hip-hop, and while we’re not overly religious folk here at Vanyaland, we’re open to any higher power who might want to come down (or up?) and straighten shit out around us. Listen to “Dear God” via Spotify below. Featured image via Facebook.