Fickle Friends interrupt our ‘Broken Sleep’ with one mighty party tune


It’s a Friday afternoon in autumnal New England, and we just want to dance. Luckily, we have Fickle Friends’ vibrant new electronic-pop jam “Broken Sleep” to help the clocks move as fast as the lights. The English quintet drop by Sonia in Cambridge this Saturday night (September 29), showing off their new label Palmeira Music and a dazzling batch of fresh track, including this party jammer.

So what does “Broken Sleep” mean, exactly? Are we raving on appropriately?

“It’s very literal,” Fickle Friends’ vocalist Natassja “Nat” Shin tells Billboard. “Over in the U.K. we’ve just had three months of it being 100 million degrees, which never, never happens. We’re not used to that heat, so nowhere has any air conditioning. No one’s been sleeping for like months and months. We were writing with our friend Sam Preston (The Ordinary Boys), and we were just talking, like, ‘Man, I had such broken sleep last night.’ And we were like, ‘That’s a fucking great name for a song.’

It’s almost as good as their band name. “I expanded the idea of when you have a really goofy dream and you get woken up, like it’s just too hot,” Shin continues, “and you want to go back to sleep or straight back into that moment of seeing that thing, or an ex-lover that you want to get back with who’s in your dream, and you come out of the dream and they’re not there. You just want to go backwards and see them again. You want to go back to sleep.”

Featured photo by Daniel Alexander Harris.