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Richard Ashcroft falls into a new groove on ‘Born To Be Strangers’


It’s been a weird recent run for Richard Ashcroft. The former frontman of The Verve dropped a fairly polarizing new single a few weeks back called “Surprised By The Joy” (we love it, for the record), and this past weekend made an appearance on British television’s Soccer AM, made notable by a “mysterious sachet” dropping from his pant leg and a rant that urged the youth to turn off music competition shows and start playing instruments instead. Now he’s released a new groove-laden single called “Born To Be Strangers,” and it serves as the latest offering from October 19 album Natural Rebel. Those who didn’t like the LP’s lead single likely won’t dig this one either, but it’s pretty clear Richard Ashcroft doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks these days. Listen to it below, and check out Ben Stas’ photos of Ashcroft’s spring show at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston, when he opened for Liam Gallagher.