The hell is going on in this Kanye West & Lil Pump video for ‘I Love It’?


It’s the Friday after a short holiday week, so we’re already feeling a bit crazy for reasons that extend beyond this oppressive-ass heatwave. Granted, we’re not at the point of crazy that is Kanye West and Lil Pump in their new video featuring Adele Givens, but this clip is a safe bet to get us there. The jam’s called “I Love It,” and while it’s not the Icona Pop cover we first hoped for, it does have plenty of its own vibrant NSFW features, from orgasm’isms to vulgar callouts to “sick fuck” self-declarations to to ‘Ye and Pump getting their big-shouldered Talking Heads vibe on. Take this 2:10 clip to the end and then flip it on repeat, because this is enough to swandive headfirst into the drained concrete pool that is the oncoming weekend. Just don’t fake that shit, now or when Lil Pump plays Boston’s House of Blues on October 16, because she knows. Featured image via screengrab.