VERIS heed the call on glossy new alt-pop single ‘Gimme More’


Studio 52 is a community artist space located in the heart of Allston, and is proud to support the Boston music scene and local artist community.

Last summer we were struck by the sterling debut of VERIS, a young Boston duo who arrived with a glitzy bang via electro-pop nugget “Opening Night.” They dropped a follow-up single later in the year, but resurface now with another spark fit for summer playlists. The track is called “Gimme More,” and it’s a strut of a single that should further their growing recognition; it’s got a bit of Bearstronaut and St. Lucia in there, a bit of Top 40 as well. It shows off a nice polish that shines out of speakers of all sizes.

“The song is about being away from someone you love and not wanting to wait to be with them again,” VERIS’ Mark Hylander tells Vanyaland. “It was inspired from us traveling cross country over the last year and being subject to loneliness at different times — we kind of bonded over that and the song came from that place of want.”

“Gimme More” finds VERIS experimenting with more sophisticated sounds and rhythms all while keeping their pop core intact, and conveying songs with relatable messages. “We’ve all felt lonely and wanted to be near someone we care about,” Hylander adds, “AJ [Edwards] and I wanted to give people a way to vocalize that feeling, let them know they aren’t alone in that, and alleviate the emotional struggle.”

Tap into “Gimme More” below, and try to not make that demand of the duo when you’re done. Jams like these take time.

Featured image by Eric Levin/Elevin Studios.