Steven Tyler has absolutely no time for your dumb selfie attempt



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Last week we delivered a relative shit ton of Aerosmith news, first about American Pickers discovering their original tour van out in the woods of Western Mass, and then word of a Las Vegas residency that Joe Perry let slip during a radio interview.

Well, that Vegas swing turned out to be the real deal, as the band dropped by NBC’s TODAY show to announce the news. We’re sure you can find details on that all over the internet, but what caught our eye was Steven Tyler pulling some WWE shit and tossing away a young fan who tried to take a selfie with the frontman.


And hey, we ain’t calling him out. Trying to take selfies with celebs is a dumb move, and you deserve to get your ass shoved by a rock and roll legend if you try to pull that shit. Add in the fact that the kid put his arm around Tyler? Also a no-no. Bad stuff happens to famous people out in public. Dude doesn’t look like a selfie, so pick your spots a bit better, eh kid?

And put that phone down, you don’t wanna miss a thing.