Party Bois’ debut album is the juice you need to loosen the eff up

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It’s 2018 and let’s face it, everyone is uptight as fuck.

There are a lot of mad apprehensive people out there acting like maniacs, afraid to just chill the heck out and let life ride. A tonic to all the paranoia and stresses of modern society emerges out of Boston in the form of a quartet of dudes who want you to chill, want you to party, and want you to enjoy yourself. Because there’s a better you buried deep down under a pile of bills, aggravation, traffic, commitments, arguments, and everything else. They’re called Party Bois, they’re called that for a reason, and today (August 10) they digitally drop their self-titled debut album.


Over the past few years the Bois have been firing up electronic-pop bangers on unsuspecting masses, loosening up this stick-in-ass rock and roll town with boisterous jams and musical quarters that only fit inside the slots of fun. We’ve hyped Party Bois quite a bit on these pages, because Boston needs them more than they need Boston, and this LP collection of 10 high-energy joints combines some modern classics (“Being In U”, “True Confessional”) with new tunes fresh out of the good-time oven. The tireless efforts of Zizza, K-boi, J-boi, and Jams Wholesome have earned them a bunch of Boston Music Awards nominations, song placement in Rock Band 4: Rivals, and gigs with Andrew W.K. and Kool Keith, but literally NONE OF THAT is more important than the tunes, and Party Bois got the fucking tunes.

The vinyl version of this record hits in a few weeks and the record release party takes over Great Scott in Allston on September 29. In the meantime, use today as a jump-off — hit play and find your better self; it’s been there all along.

Featured photo by Tracy Powell.