KOPPS cop some devilish vibes in their ‘Hott’ new music video


First, KOPPS lent Joywave a helping hand with their killer alt-pop track “Tongues” — now the Rochester group is returning the favor to their hometown pals.

Joywave singer Daniel Armbruster co-wrote and produced KOPPS’ new single “Hott” and stars alongside the band in the tune’s colorfully odd music video, which dropped today (August 10). The vid, which was directed by Ghost + Cow, offers a devilish breakdown that leads into a tongue-in-cheek storyline- but that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as Joywave’s been pulling those stunts out of their hat for ages (see: the dark comedy of their Big Data collaboration “Dangerous” and newer tune “It’s A Trip!”).

“We were toying with the idea of darkness vs light, good/evil versions of ourselves, but also wanted to incorporate dancing and possession since those are clearly our bread and butter as a band (lol),” KOPPS explain. Try not to get hypnotized and check out the clips below.


Featured photo by Henry Eelman.