‘American Pickers’ found Aerosmith’s original tour van out in Western Mass



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Here’s a cool Aerosmith find a that’s bit more legit than that weird-ass Steven Tyler mannequin from a few months ago.


Turns out the dudes from History Channel’s American Pickers series came across Aerosmith’s original tour van, stored away for decades out in a wooded area behind a farm in Chesterfield, Massachusetts, located northwest of Springfield and just outside Northampton. Hosts Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe discovered the van in a recent episode, and took the bad boy home for the nice price of $25,000. Wolfe called it “one of the biggest and most iconic pieces of rock and roll history.”

The van is a 1964 American Harvester Metro, according to reports, and its got “Aerosmith” written across the side next to some R. Crumb-esque artwork. The owner of the property said the van was there when he bought the land.

Founding Aerosmith guitarist Ray Tabano helped verify the van in the July 30 episode, titled “Roll Like A Rock Star”. Wolfe first connected with friend Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, who then connected with Joe Perry, who contacted Tabano, who was in Sturbridge.


“I’m afraid to say how long it is, but it’s been like 40 years since we’ve been in this thing,” Tabano tells the property owner and the two Pickers during the show. “We’d drive from Boston up to New Hampshire for $125 [to play a gig]. Then after the gas, the tolls, and the food and back, we’d all make like $3 apiece.”

That’s rock and roll.