Horse Mode let Charlie Chaplin do the talking on ‘Spaghetti Lee’



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How much work does it take to legally include a Charlie Chaplin quote in your song? The answer, according to Horse Mode: You don’t even wanna know. The Lowell group learned their lesson in copyrights the hard way with their new track “Spaghetti Lee”, which pulls from a lengthy section of the actor’s final speech in The Great Dictator. “We had to jump through some hoops to get the legal rights to be able to include it, but luckily we got it all straightened out,” Horse Mode’s Joel Gray tells us. Chaplin’s lines are the only spoken portion of the track, otherwise the music does all the talking for the instrumental four-piece. Tune in to their toil below and catch the dudes at UnchARTed in Lowell on August 16 with Arlen, blindspot, and Circus Trees. Featured photo courtesy of Horse Mode.