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Studio 52 Spotlight: BEDTIMEMAGIC

What Studio 52 Says: Two voices, three instruments, and enough deafening chaotic anger to get Gandhi’s blood boiling, BEDTIMEMAGIC are a noise/trash rock fleet-footed force: Your friendly neighborhood source for hearing damage. This well-endowed duo is fronted by Nicholas Pentabona, who cultivates an overpowering tone and boisterous volume level that refuses to be ignored. He runs his bass through two amps; one dialed in to high/mid squealing-crunchy treble sounds, the other set to a grueling low-end that reverberates your entire chest and brain. Together this presents itself sounding like a guitarist and bassist are playing together, yet impossibly tight. Pentabona is at the helm of all of this while he sings the furious, impassioned lead vocal parts that personify BEDTIMEMAGIC. He’s not the only one pulling double (triple?) duty however; as if drummers weren’t already engrossed enough just playing a kit, Morgan Berns plays an analog single octave foot organ with his left foot while simultaneously holding down the battering drum parts that give BEDTIMEMAGIC’s songs their driving force. On top of all of that, he too sings. The drums sound massive, partially because the kit physically is; complete with a marching bass drum which bellows out a remarkable, unparalleled BOOM with every stroke of Berns’ right foot. When all of this is happening in unison it sounds as if the duo were a four or even five piece, offering their music its full sound and creating a unique live experience you’ll want to attend again and again. Luckily you have the chance to do just that tonight (Friday July 27) at Sammy’s Patio on Revere Beach along with sets from Greylock, Maharaja, and Z/28. Fully prepare yourself by indulging in BEDTIMEMAGIC’s catalog of recorded music; they’ve been steadily releasing records and splits since their manifestation in 2014. Recently they’ve tracked a new 10-song, 29-minute record at Acre in NYC which is currently undergoing the mastering process and set to be released in 2019 through all digital formats and on 12-inch vinyl. For one of Boston’s most charismatic duos, the writing, recording, and gigging stops only with their hearts; catch them while they’re still beating. — Trevor McSweeney, Studio 52


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