Poppy goes ‘Metal’


Occult-ish YouTube star and singer Poppy is finally giving us her origin story — kind of.

Following her 2017 album Poppy.Computer and delightfully unsettling Boston show last November, her new track “Metal” — a cover of the Gary Numan song from 1979 — rolled off the assembly line a few days ago.

The tune skirts away from her more traditional bubblegum aesthetic and descends into a French lounge vibe, all while dishing out some lyrics that align with her mythos almost a little too well. “We’re in the building where they make us grow/And I’m frightened by the liquid engineers,” Poppy sings over the choppy mechanical beat. And while there’s no official announcement yet, Live Nation has a ticket pre-sale link for a Poppy “Am I A Girl?” tour date at the Boston House of Blues this November 19, and the venue has the gig listed on their calendar. Other dates across North America are popping up on her Facebook, so check those out as well.

Let us prepare for the era of Poppy 2.0; blessed be Poppy, who is not a cult leader.