May The Felicity Be With You: Keri Russell cast in ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’

Much like everybody at your office, Hollywood said “Fuck it” and decided to take two vacation days because of how much it sucks when a holiday like the Fourth of July falls on a Wednesday. So it’s been a pretty light end-of-the-week news cycle, all things considered, aside from some pretty interesting Star Wars casting information from Variety. Apparently The Americans star Keri Russell has been cast in director JJ Abrams’ Episode IX in an unknown but “action-heavy” role.

This is kind of funny for a few reasons that you Fortnite-playing, Juul-smoking, fidget-spinning millennials out there might not know about. Russell and Abrams worked on one of the weirdest drama series of the late 1990s, Felicity. If you ask your parents about it, they’ll probably tell you about the time that a haircut nearly sank a primetime television show — to the point that it’s still routinely parodied in media today — and then they’ll also probably bring up just how nice it was before you were born in those halcyon days of being wild before the Clinton era came to an end. And, to be fair, their fads were just as stupid as yours are today!

Anyways, Episode IX is about ready to begin production at the end of the month, and apparently they’ll be shooting in some familiar locations. We’re roughly 531 days out from the release of Episode IX, so we’re still a ways off, but the hype train will get a-rollin’ no matter what.

Star Wars: Episode IX will hit theaters on December 20, 2019.

Image from ‘Dark Skies’ by Dimension Films via MoviestillsDB.