Soft Skies Inc want to tell you about ‘The Kickaround’


We’re still fairly enraptured by Soft Skies Inc’s fall 2017 single “Only Paranoid”, but the North Carolina brother duo of Martin and Ryan Rex has not rested since. Instead, they’ve released three new singles in 2018, following their trend of unveiling new tracks on a loose quarterly basis, and the third and latest has arrived this week in the form of “The Kickaround.” It serves as Soft Skies Inc’s sixth single overall, and it’s a noisy guitar-pop jam that grinds like the night and shines like the morning. “I think the ‘crank it’ phrase is overused in song announcements, but seriously, crank this one!” says Martin Rex, who Boston audiences know as the drummer of Ghost Box Orchestra. “It’s a windows-down, hand-surfing-the-air, summer-drive drone-rocker, a bit more in the style of our earlier Lockgroove work inspired by Stereolab and other bands that use a driving repetition. And I play a downstroke-y guitar solo at the end.” Shit, that all totally works for us. Blast it as you cruise to your preferred cookout spot this July 4.