Studio 52 Featured Band of the Week: The Summoned



Studio 52 is a community artist space located in the heart of Allston, and is proud to support the Boston music scene and local artist community.

Studio 52 Spotlight: The Summoned

What Studio 52 Says: Painfully brutal technical metal quintet The Summoned are some of Massachusetts’ heaviest, yet they don’t overlook the importance of melody, dynamics, groove, or jazz. Formed in 2007 and dropping their first full length in 2011, they’ve since done multiple U.S. and Canadian tours and are actively building a loyal fan base all over the globe. At times their songs become so intricately technical you’ll be straining to find the “1” to a point where vertigo may be induced, yet somehow they’re on top of every change like they could bang out a set in their sleep. Epitomizing controlled chaos, their studio albums are so insanely clear you can hear every note — and each song contains thousands — like it’s being played inside your head. Guitar work is an eclectic and unique cocktail of chunky riffs, brain liquefying solos, and sounds that are so unorthodox they hardly sound like they came from a guitar. Drums are set to full auto with rapid fire blasting yet the precision and control of a heart surgeon; his foot work creates whats about as close to a wall of sound as you can get, at times it’s actually a somewhat difficult to pick out the spaces between notes. Essentially if Usain Bolt played double bass, this is how you’d expect it to sound. The gut wrenching screams that sit atop it all are truly evil, irate, and brimming with hatred, yet they’re only a delivery vehicle for the saddening and thought provoking lyrics which lay beneath. Currently in the middle of an eastern U.S. tour, they’ll be wrapping it up at Great Scott in Allston this Thursday (June 21); don’t miss this stacked lineup also featuring Dischordia, Chuggernaut, and Boarcorpse! — Trevor McSweeney, Studio 52

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Attend: The Summoned play Great Scott in Allston on Thursday (June 21)

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