It’s New Music Friday so go listen to this ‘Boston DIY’ playlist



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A few minutes ago we were all chilling in the virtual Vanyaland newsroom remarking about how this feels like a relatively light New Music Friday (don’t @ us). As we were scouring the darkest corners of the internet for some cool new shit, we came across this massive four-hour, 88-song Spotify playlist titled “Boston DIY”. It was created by Rachel Lipson of Einstein, and has a bunch of our faves (Elephants, Mint Green, Palehound, Lilith, Sidney Gish, Teenender, Oompa, Idle Pilot, Leopard Print Taser) as well as a fuckton of stuff that’s new to us, so we’re gonna keep the chit-chat here to a minimum and provide a good old fashioned signal boost. Most of this genre-spanning playlist was compiled a few days ago, but it looks like a bunch of other songs were added yesterday and today, so it’s possible this thing keeps growing. Fire it up at your preferred convenience and let’s all discover our new favorite Massachusetts band. Featured Lady Pills photo by Eddy Leiva for Vanyaland.