Say Lou Lou emerge from shadows and say hello again with ‘Ana’


The world of alt-pop is a very hectic place. So when an artist or project needs a necessary re-set, it may appear that they’ve vanquished entirely from the game. That’s been the deal of late with twin sister duo Say Lou Lou, who after 2015’s Lucid Dreaming, decided to reclaim their artistic vision and re-acquire their own creative road map. That independent journey has led them here, to the release of new single “Ana,” a slinky and seductive foray into noir-pop that connects the vibrancy of Hollywood’s golden soundtrack era to the sonic caution of ’90s trip-hop. “Ana” serves as our first taste of the group’s new LP, Immortelle, due September 21 via á Deux/Cosmos Music, and it’s an initial glimpse of a new artistic influence that extends beyond simple songwriting and collaboration. “It was very symbiotic,” says Say Lou Lou’s Elektra Kilbey. “We had all of these mood boards and visuals from the beginning; we constantly referenced films and looked at clips. Parts of the album process were very structured: The vibe, the world, instruments and string references, giving thought to both the aural and visual aspects so they’re all properly cohesive.”